Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little women...

The girls have such a blast in the backyard pool...never had 50 bucks been better spent!!
Yesterday they figured out a new trick..they go under water, blow into their suits and..

Whala!!  Boobs :)

I have not laughed so hard for a long time!!  Im not exactly sure where Gretch was going with this!?!
Summer fun is almost done, school starts August 13th.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Charz is Two!

A cake for princess Char...
She couldn't wait to do some destruction!
We love her bunches and are looking very forward to can't come soon enough!

Olympics, yahoo!

Grandma Pat is not one to be left out!  when she heard that the Olympic swim trials were her she grabbed the girls and jumped in!  They said it was awesome!
Gretchen takes after her mom, it's all about the food!

Almost Gretch
Thanks Grandma, for a fun day they will never forget!  Love ya.

4th of July trip

I do not have most of the pic's from our trip yet but here are a few.
We went to check out the Bridges of Madison county and found this awesome english hedge maze.

The girls had way to much fun in the hotel!  I had forgotten how much fun it is as a kid to stay in a hotel.  Gretchen kept asking if the maid would come and clean up...such a brat!  For all of you that are familiar with "The Suite life of Zack& Cody", the girls acted like London Tipton the entire time...pretty funny. 

We Looved the roller coasters!  Adventureland was so slow they would just let us ride
 over and over and over.
We took so many fun pic's, I hope to get them soon!

Monday, July 21, 2008


 I am so bummed...I messed up my photo program and can not get pic's to upload!  Anybody that can help with  a MAC, I need you!   

We have had so much fun and I have been taking pic's like crazy so that I could BLOG! 
 I also managed to forget my passwords for photobucket and the music thing so I cant change those either ahhhh!  SO frustrated!!!!  
 To all that now me well, none of this will came as much of a surprise :)  
I'll get it updated  A.S.A.P.  

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Skinny up

Charlie got dress all by herself.  If you cant tell those are Grace's soccer shoes and socks and her legs are both through one hole of the shorts. To cute!  

So the other day as I was walking out the door to swim with the kids, Gretchen smacked the back of my thigh and said, "mom you need to skinny up!"   
Needless to say I am now motivated to do exactly that.  Little did Gretchen know it would come back to bite her.  I now wake them up early and drag them to a park down the street.  I them run circles around the little play area (not kidding).  It was fun for them the first couple of days but now they just sit on the play equipment and watch me huff and puff my way around and around and around.  Oh the memories we are making :)  

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