Monday, August 4, 2008

More Fun in the Sun

the kids just love the sprinkler under the tramp.


Kristin said...

Hey there! Looks like your kids are having a wonderful summer:) How are things going for you? Are you doing any summer fairs with big fat baby? I need to link it on my my friends can see how talented you are!

I'm glad you started a is a great way to stay in touch!

the boobs pictures made me laugh so hard I about died. And the one of a gretchen with air in the front of her suit made me tear up...hilarious!

Jen Nielsen said...

Oh Kristen, so good to here from you! Im glad you enjoyed the boobs as much as I did!
As for BFB, Im doin shows like a mad-women and lovin it.
Hows life for you? Hows the adjustment from working women to full time mom?
I miss ya tons and wish I would have made more time to hang out with you. You never really know what you have til it's gone :) Love ya!

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